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Chelsea’s Dance Pac require all students to arrive to class regularly and on time. Parents are to notify the front desk if a class will be missed, tuition will not be refunded in the case of absences due to illness or vacation. Payments remain the same regardless of holidays or weather.

Competitive Dress Code

Mini Company

Ballet Attire: black or pink bodysuit with ballet tights. Shoes that we recommend are Capezio 2037C Child Hanami Canvas split sole shoe.

Hip Hop Attire: Pants and a T-shirt and indoor running shoes

Acro Attire: bodysuit with no tights or convertible tights. Acro does not require shoes

Tap Attire: bodysuit and tights, shoes recommended are Capezio 443C child tap shoe in black.

Jazz Attire: Bodysuit with bare legs or convertible tights, shoes recommended are Capezio EJ2 leather/neoprene Jazz shoe.


Ballet Attire: Bodysuit, ballet tights, shoes recommended are Capezio 2037C child size or 2037W adult

Technique class attire: black bodysuit or black leggings and black sports bra

Tap Attire: bodysuit and tights or black leggings and a bra top. Capezio K543 tap shoes

Senior Company Dancers

Ballet Attire: Bodysuit with ballet tights, canvas split sole ballet shoes SD16 Bliss

Technique: black bodysuit with bare feet or black leggings and a black bra top with bare feet.

Tap Shoes: black bodysuit and tights or black leggings and bra top, Capezio K543 shoes

Hip Hop: T-shirt and pants with indoor running shoes

Hair to always be in a bun for ballet, neat ponytail for all other classes or a bun.

Recreational Dress Code

Ballet: Black bodysuits with tights and ballet slippers with hair in a bun.

Jazz: Slicked back ponytail, dance attire with foot undies or footpaws.

Tap: Slicked back ponytail, dance attire, tap shoes.

Acro: Slicked back ponytail, tight clothing, bare feet.

Hip-Hop: Slicked back ponytail, sweatpants/harem pants and top, indoor non-marking running shoes.

The dress code will be strictly enforced.


All payments to be made by the 1st of every month, automatic withdrawal, cash, credit card or etransfer. Cheques are to be made payable to Chelsea’s Dance Pac, please ensure your child’s name is on the cheque or etransfer.

CDP operates September until the end of June. Monthly payment options are strictly for convenience.

Accounts failing to pay under the terms of our policies will be subject to collection activities.

CDP reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel a students registration and enrollment at anytime.


Wet Footwear are to be removed at the door as we have children in bare feet or soft sole dance shoes.

Chelsea’s Dance Pac is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes before class, younger students arriving early must be supervised. Teachers or CDP faculty cannot be responsible for students before classes commence or after they have finished.

Students should arrive dressed as per dress code with hair done and appropriate shoes. Hair to be worn off the face, preferably in a bun.

Parents must make an appointment to speak with a teacher. Out of respect for students waiting for their class to begin, we ask parents and students not to approach teaching staff between classes.

Students or siblings who deface or damage studio property will be charged for cleaning or replacement of such items.

CDP reserves the right to close the studio, change instructors or cancel any activity or combine a program with low enrolment.  Payments will remain the same regardless of holidays, weather, or unforeseen closures.


CDP reserves the right to terminate enrollment based on negligence or behaviour that is contradictory to studio policies.  To withdrawal from the program you must give a 30 day written notice. Payment will continue within the 30 days but all further payments will be discontinued. If tuition was paid in full the remaining balance will be returned within 5 business days. There are no refunds on costume deposits or fees. Tuition will be continued to be collected until written notice has been received. 


There will be a $30 processing fee added for all returned cheques. Chelsea’s Dance Pac reserves the right to discontinue a students classes for non-payment of tuition & fees when necessary. Parents who allow their account to go into arrears may have their class forfeited and/or their spot at recital. Tuition payments past due are subject to a penalty of 10% per month. Payment plans remain the same regardless of weather, holidays, or other closures.


In the event of bad weather, please check our Instagram, Facebook Page, or your emails after 2 p.m. we will have status posted. The rescheduling of classes may or may not be possible. 


Please respect your studio; place all garbage in trash cans, pick up your belongings.

Students will NOT hang off barres, touch mirrors or operate sound system.


Spectators are not allowed in class.

Students will show the utmost respect to the facility, fellow dancers and staff at all times.


Students under age eight years are not permitted in the studio without a parent/guardian present when they are not in class.

Small children/siblings MUST be supervised and MUST NOT be in studios at any time.


Do not disturb classes in progress. If there is an urgent matter, please ask office staff to relay a message.


Basket is in change-room area, please check it regularly, any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

The Studio will be Closed for the following Holidays:



Christmas Break

Family Day

March Break

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Victoria Day



Dancer must commit to the full season of dance, dancer will participate in the necessary Technique, Ballet, Contemporary, and Choreography classes for the current competitive season. Competitors must take a 1 hour ballet class, 1 hour contemporary, 1 hour technique class and a half hour strength and conditioning class weekly.

You must agree to the payment schedule for all classes, choreography, costumes, and entry fees. Entry fees are per dance per competition.

Dancer will attend all scheduled competitions for the current season.

You must sign the policy form for competitive dancers at which time you acknowledge that all competitive entry fees and costume fees are non-refundable.

There are also no refunds of fees for choreography classes for the current season.

All dancers must wear the CDP jacket when attending functions that are related to the competitive team.

You must agree that attendance for all classes are important and that you will advice your teacher or CDP staff member of illness or family emergency in the event of absence. A dancer who misses 3 choreography classes risks the loss of their spot on the competitive team.

Dancers will arrive 1.5 hours before their scheduled numbers, dressed in full costume and make-up on.

You must agree that Chelsea’s Dance Pac staff or confirmed volunteers may enter warm up areas. Parents MUST remain in the auditorium and/or lobby area. You must agree that you will not take any photos/videos of any kind at competitions we attend due to the rules and regulations set forth by the competition. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the entire team.             

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