Summer 2022 Waiver Of Liability

   These conditions will affect your legal rights including the right to sue or claim for compensation. This waiver form must be signed and submitted from any persons entering Chelsea’s Dance Pac before classes of any kind begin or entry will not be permitted.

   Parents or court-appointed legal guardians must be 18 years of age or older and must authorize on behalf of any participating minors and agree that they and the minors are subject to all the terms of this waiver as set forth herein.
   The student applicant on the application/waiver and their parents/guardians agree that Chelsea’s Dance Pac, shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever occurring to the participant while he/she is in attendance at Chelsea’s Dance Pac programs.​

   I/we understand classes missed due to illness or personal vacations will not be made up or
refunded. Classes cancelled to due inclement weather are not subject to a make-up lesson unless otherwise decided upon by the instructor. I/we understand fees are due in full and are non-refundable.

I/we realize that participation in dance classes and activities could result in some possible personal injury. Despite precautions being taken by the studio, accidents and injuries may occur. By signing this release form, I/we (the dancer and parent/guardian) assume all risks related to the use of all spaces used by Chelsea’s Dance Pac, Innisfil, from responsibility Chelsea’s Dance Pac, Innisfil, including all teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by both entities from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I/we will not hold Chelsea’s Dance Pac, Innisfil, liable for any personal injury including scrapes, bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures, broken bones, concussions
or death or any personal property damage/loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes. Furthermore, I/we agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for my/our behavior in addition to any damage I/we may cause to the facilities utilized by Chelsea’s Dance Pac, Innisfil. If I/we should observe any unsafe conduct or conditions before, during or after my/our classes, I/we agree to report the unsafe conduct or conditions to Directors, instructors
or staff members as soon as possible.

I/we understand that Chelsea’s Dance Pac Ltd. requires 30 days notice to withdraw from a program all fees are non-refundable.

I have read and understand Chelsea’s Dance Pac Ltd. Liability waiver, policies and procedures are available on the website at

By signing and submitting this waiver, I understand and consent to the conditions of this waiver and I consent to the use of my first name and last name that I have entered below as an adult and/or guardian to be used as an electronic signature in lieu of an original signature on paper. I understand that I have the right to request that I sign a paper copy instead. By checking here, I am waiving that right. After consent, I understand that I may, upon written request to Chelsea’s Dance Pac, may obtain a paper copy of an electronic record. I understand that my agreement to use an electronic signature with Chelsea’s Dance Pac for any documents will continue until such time as I notify Chelsea’s Dance Pac in writing that I no longer wish to use an electronic signature. I understand that I should always make sure that Chelsea’s Dance Pac has my current email address in order to contact me regarding any changes if necessary. 

Thank you!